DeArmond Silver Foil Pickups, Chrome, Fits Gibson, Epiphone

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Up for your Reverbing pleasure is a set of rare original unmounted C. DeArmond Silver Foil Pickups in a complete set. We were digging through the main Sixx Gun warehouse as we do from time to time and always seem to come across some amazing finds. These pickups were from a rare run that C. DeArmond did for silvertone guitars years back. It is rumored that these limited run reissues were made in less than 20 sets and only one or two sets made it into the silvertone prototypes. Each have about a full 12in of lead wire and have not been sautered in. We acquired several of these sets direct from C. DeArmond and some of them made them into Margasa custom builds. This set represents a fraction of silver foil RI's on the market. A unique blend of vintage raw sound with smooth overtones and outstanding attack. A perfect compliment to your solid body Jr., Firebird or even archtop jazz guitars. Don't miss your chance to win this rare set of handmade pickups.
Outputs for this set are: 6.8k and 10.2k ohms.