Margasa Brass Deluxe Bridge Pins (12) Acoustic Guitar + Mahogany or Maple Block

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Just listed is a new addition to our growing Margasa inventory. Our deluxe bridge pins in a rich brass are heat treated for more sustain and better overall tone. Each pin is hand engraved with Margasa signature and each set comes with a holding block made from recycled leftover pieces of mahogany or maple (your choice) from our custom cut guitar bodies, which will hold up to 3 sets of bridge pins.
Our deluxe bridge pins are a mellow brass with ornate tops. The metal is a bit more heavy duty than our standard brass bridge pins, and we're excited to introduce these to our Reverb based Sixx Gunners! Heavy brass pins are known for adding sustain and resonance for clearer, longer tones. Perfect for shop displays or luthiers to keep at the work bench. This listing is for 2 sets of 6 deluxe brass bridge pins (12 brass pins).
*Please note, each pin block is made from a unique piece of natural wood and may have different markings or coloring than the block in the photograph.*
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