1995 Fender American Standard Stratocaster LEFTY, Black, Corona USA + Original Case



Product Description

Ready to add to your collection is outstanding one for the lefties, a 1995 Fender American Standard Stratocaster in black. If you have never played a 90’s Fender you’re missing out, we seek them out because they are always excellently built with amazing playability. The neck feels fantastic, maple with a rosewood fretboard. The frets show some light wear but less than typical, and the finish shows some light pick swirling you would normally see and small dings, see all photos for inspection. This guitar features all original parts with classic 3 single coil pickup configuration and overall you can’t go wrong with this tried and true axe. Not only that but this guitar comes shipped to you with a professional shop setup and original Fender red label hardshell case.

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