2016 Margasa USA Jester Guitar, Handmade Vintage Style Relic, Spalted Maple Top


Please welcome the newest Margasa Jester. Just like the Joker these are fully hand built at Sixx Gun from start to finish by one set of hands so quantities are limited. This guitar is a solid mahogany rock and roll machine featuring a spalted and flamed maple top with a set neck, a single Margasa Vintage Modern humbucker, Gotoh 510 fully intonatable bridge, and a vintage Sprague bumblebee cap in the tone circuit so you can go from deep dark growling tone to sparkling, crisp, and everything in between. Imagine that, a tone circuit that actually changes the sound of the guitar. The Vintage Modern pickup has an aggressively smooth winding with articulate highs and crisp mids that respond to a players touch sensitivity with great definition and overall attack. The bass response is well delivered within the balanced tonal spectrum. A dominantly forward pickup with a wide open vintage punch.

The action and playability of the neck are extremely low and fast and the guitar has excellent sustain and resonation partly due to a solid bone nut, partly due to the light finish. The Jester is fully bound both body and neck with a stained and very light clear finish. This particular Jester has an arched stained light enamel and oil on the back with a relic, and a rosewood fretboard with pearloid inlays. Customers repeatedly tell us how “wooden” and acoustic our guitars sound. You don’t even have to plug them in and you will hear every note. This is fantastic when practicing. Margasa guitars are handbuilt with the pro player in mind, whether you’re gigging, recording or practicing in your living room these guitars deliver amazing tone and playability. Don’t miss a fantastic opportunity to snag a guitar in this style, hand built in the USA with only the best materials that would be upward of $3000 from other major brands. Be on the lookout for more guitars from this run, we have limited quantities per year but still try to keep these at an excellent price for the working player.


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