Carl De Armond USA Silver Foil Guitar Pickup Set Custom Vintage, Neck Bridge



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Product Description

Carl De Armond Silver Foil pickups for both neck and bridge. We’re the only authorized dealer and these pickups are only available in very limited quantities. These pickups feature the best possible materials including braided lead wire, plain enamel wire, chromed metal case etc. They sound amazing and very close to the originals made by De Armond in the 60s. These have been selling for 500.00 a set as there is only a few sets on the market and 10 in the world and are hand made in the USA by Mr. De Armond. Don’t settle for cheap versions, these are the best made by a name you know and trust a De Armond.
We have painstakingly recreated an icon in the pickup industry, now introducing the new Silver Foil Design that takes a vintage classic and adds modern playability and construction, to create one of the best pickups released in decades. All materials were hand picked by Carl himself to recreate and modernize this one of a kind pickup. The tone is a flash back to the original with the same driving force and amazing clean highs and mids.

We installed a silver foil for a customer in a Margasa Joker and the combination with the vintage sprague tone circuit was magic. This set is perfect for your own custom build or restoring a vintage instrument.

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