F-Cables Pedal Board Self Assembly Patch Cable Kit 20 Ft + 12 Jacks, Guitar Bass



Product Description

Ready to assemble on your pedal board is the F-Cables patch cable kit. If you’re tired of buying cables that go bad quickly or in difficult preset sizes you need F cable. Cut to your own specific sizes, the right angle solderless jacks are super easy to assemble and save a ton of space with their design. Not to mention they are super clear. This kit contains 12 jacks and 20 feet of cable.
5 Reasons why F-CABLES are F-ANTASTIC!
-SOLDERLESS = So F easy to assemble and customize to your needs.
-CO-AXIAL = They sound F awesome! Players should NEVER compromise of sound.
-ULTRA COMPACT SLEEK DESIGN = They are super convenient and look F great!
-PREMIUM QUALITY = They will last for F forever.
-CONVENIENT = Because ever musician should be able to F afford top quality.
And they really will last forever. If for some reason you end up with a bad connection, just disconnect and re-slice the end of your cable. Reconnect and done.
We have these in use all over the shop and haven’t had one go bad yet. Our local customers love them.
Not just for your pedal board, you can use them as instrument cables too.
They are great as 3 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet or whatever meets your needs.

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