Fender USA ’65 Twin Custom 15 Twin Reverb Amp Amplifier 85 Watts 1×15



Product Description

Ready to add a powerhouse piece of gear to your collection? Meet the Fender ’65 Twin Custom. If you want the purest, cleanest, loudest Fender tone you’ve ever heard, try this amp. 85 watts of power and a single 15″ speaker, this amp is no joke. Luckily it has wheels for easy transport as this is a very heavy and gig worthy piece of gear. This piece is as mint as it gets, hang tags, manual, and original footswitch are all included. The foot pedal lets you switch from reverb to vibrato and both tube driven. This amp really is a unique beast of it’s own, we welcome anyone local to come try this out here in the shop and don’t be afraid to make it loud.  Price is for local pickup only, please call the shop at 781-558-5472 for shipping arrangements – Sixx Gun Music

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