Fender Vintage 1976 Champ Amp Amplifier Combo, USA Silverface Original



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Just in is a classic must have vintage amp, the Fender Champ. This 1976 silverface model appears to be in almost all original condition including the Fender speaker. Tubes have been replaced as they should be for the best performance. The amp shows your typical signs of age cosmetically, see photos but overall in excellent vintage condition. This little tone box produces crisp cleans and you can get some great crunch playing at lower volume levels, so it’s perfect for everyday use but not limited to that, artists have recorded with various versions of the Champ over the years, everyone from Clapton to¬†Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. These amps are also easy to mod, you can change out the speaker and or tubes for your own personal tone preferences. Overall an excellent chance for you to own a vintage Fender amp without spending an absurd amount of money. We have a professional repair shop and test and service all of our amplifiers as soon as they come in, and then once again before shipping out to ensure everything works properly when it arrives at your door.

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