Fender USA Vintage 1969 Champ Amp Custom Tweed, Tube Combo, Silverface



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Ready to add to your collection of vintage gear is an outstanding piece, a 1969 Fender Champ Amp combo. This amp came in needing to be reupholstered and we had some amazing NOS vintage tweed cloth that was perfect for the job, it looks really sharp. Not visible but it has 2 coats of clear to prevent fraying. The original speaker has been replaced with a Jensen Vintage Mod 12″ speaker, the Mod 12-50 has a warm balanced tone with low end focus. Responds to overdrive distortion with a rich smooth crunch and bright fuzz lead voice. Tubes were replaced at some point and it also has a 3 prong grounded power cord. Check out all photos for visual condition. The amp works and sounds fantastic. Very unique with the custom reupholstering and will look great in your home or studio.

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