Jake E Lee Strat, Fender/Charvel parts guitar + HDSC



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Product Description

Ready to add to your arsenal of gear is our shop built Jake E Lee style guitar. This one is the second built in the series, the owner of our first build was extremely happy and in love with his. These guitars in any form, whether the originals or replicas are extremely rare, but this one is even more special in the fact that it has been built right to Jake E Lee specs. Just like Jake’s we started off with a Fender guitar, in our case a stratocaster and repainted it in a flat semi gloss white finish including the headstock. We then added a bullet trussrod adjustment, a set of original Gotoh black tuners with pearl knobs, and added a Charvel Made in USA decal. The body features a solid mass bridge in black with Gotoh saddles, a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge as well as 2 Dimarzio SDS-1 pickups wired to a single volume and Fender 5 way switch all fed by a Switchcraft input jack. Finally 2 of the details almost everyone who builds this guitar omit, we’ve been sure to include. The first is the Fender 70’s neck on Jake’s original had been shaved down to be much thinner unlike stock Fender. This made the neck faster and smoother, which we have done, and the neck is mounted with the vintage style 3 bolt neckplate. This is a feature that even the big manufacturing companies missed when they created the Jake E Lee guitars. This guitar has only seen shop use at Sixx Gun and we borrowed it for some studio recording. It shows some minor wear/relic’ing to replicate use. Overall this guitar is a very well built and playing hard rock machine built in every way to match exactly what Jake E Lee played on the “Bark At the Moon” and “Ultimate Sin” albums. We will ship this in a used hardshell case for protection. 

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