Margasa Holy Grail Guitar Fretboard Conditioner Oil, Made in USA, luthier supply



Product Description

Margasa Holy Grail Fretboard Conditioner. We’ve tried every guitar polish and conditioner on the market and while some better than others, always left us underwhelmed. After years of tweaking and experimenting we came up with the holy grail of fretboard conditioner made from our own blend of orange oil. 90% of our business is repairing and building guitars. We use this conditioner on every guitar we set up. It cleans and conditions and will extend the life of the wood. But not only that another thing we noticed (and our customers) was how silky the neck feels to play afterward. Oil, dirt and sweat from your fingers will naturally build up on your guitar and make it sticky and hard to play. This takes care of that and it lasts. Not just for fretboards but the entire neck. Whether you’re a luthier or player keep a bottle of this liquid gold around. We guarantee it will get plenty of use. Can be used on most wooden instruments including bass, mandolin, banjo, etc.

Instructions for use: place a small amount on a clean soft cloth. Let stand for 5-10 minutes and buff with a clean cloth. Read precautions on label and keep out of reach of children.

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