Margasa USA Flying Joker Guitar, Heavy Relic Vintage Style, Olive Green



Product Description

Up for your guitar playing pleasure is this lovely axe from our Margasa line of instruments, the 2015 Flying Joker in olive green. It doesn’t get much more vintage style than this but with modern touches for better playability and tone. Just like the run of sold out 2014 Margasa jokers, this hand built solid mahogany guitar is completely manufactured in the Sixx Gun shop from start to finish, a hand built made in USA tone monster. This guitar features set neck construction, rosewood fretboard, stainless frets with celluloid pearl style inlays. Other fine features include top of the line Gotoh Japan 510 wraparound tailpiece which is fully intonatable. Gotoh tuners with vintage finish and green buttons keep this lady in tune. Controls are truly a thing of wonder. Daniel has a collection of new old stock Sprague bumble bee caps. A 0.018 400v was used in this particular guitar and the result is an amazing tone circuit that can literally go from deep dark Gibson neck tone, to sparkling almost tele quality tone and everything in between. Imagine that, a tone circuit that actually makes a difference in how the guitar sounds. This particular guitar features a Margasa Vintage Modern humbucker. The action and playability of the neck are extremely low and fast and the guitar has excellent sustain and resonation partly due to a solid bone nut and the heavy relic’d olive green finish. We’ve also added another convenient touch, a bar rest so you can play this guitar sitting down without it sliding off your leg like a V normally would. Just unscrew it when not needed.
Margasa guitars are gaining quite a reputation, people tell us they are the best playing guitar in their arsenals. This is coming from pro musicians. Our guitars are meant for gigging, recording, and everything in between. Don’t miss a fantastic opportunity to snag a guitar in this style, hand built in the USA that would be upward of $3000 from other major brands.
Normally not included, we will ship this in a black hardshell case!

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