Margasa USA Kashmir, Custom Relic’d Electric Guitar 2016 Vintage White


Sixx Gun Music is excited to introduce the newest Margasa guitar, the Kashmir.

Staying true to what these guitars are known for, the Kashmir was hand built in the USA from start to finish and made to feel comfortably worn with a vintage, familiar look and feel, but with a completely new body shape that’s different from anything else that’s been done.

Also offering different woods aside from our standard mahogany, this particular one features a thick solid ash body giving it more weight than the Margasa Joker. This is number three of the series, feedback on the prototype has been nothing short of awesome.

Kashmir has sustain for days. Just like the Joker and Jester she features a vintage Sprague paper and oil bumblebee cap in the tone circuit alongside Bourns USA pots. What does that do? Roll the tone knob and you can go from deep beefy growl to sparkling crisp tele-like tones and everything in between. Imagine that, a tone circuit that actually works and no need for 15 different controls and buttons on one guitar.

We’ve installed a single Margasa Hurricane humbucker. The Margasa Hurricane humbucker, our best selling pickup has a moderately high output and super touch sensitive winding with lots of mid range attack.   It has very distinct high gain tones while still delivering a tight bass response.  Overall, the Hurricane delivers a crisp compression while maintaining a very natural response and voicing, with alnico V magnets, vintage style cloth braid shielded wiring and wax potted for low noise.

Other fine features include fully intonatable Gotoh 510UB wraparound bridge, Gotoh vintage style tuners and a bone nut. 22 perfectly polished and level stainless frets, mahogany set neck, 12″ radius ebony fretboard and hand cut Margasa signature pickguard finish her off.

Kashmir resonates loudly even unplugged, partially due to the relic’d enamel and oil finish. This is not just done for looks but for tone. What’s the point of a wooden body if it’s going to be finished in a thick coat of plastic? We don’t do factory flawless finishes here at Sixx Gun, we do what makes your guitar sound the best. What you won’t get from a factory is the time spent and attention to detail, the craftsmanship from a creative and experienced luthier. It’s your favorite pair of jeans right out of the box. Margasa players are working musicians, so we keep these below the boutique market price range with you in mind. They’re built by one set of hands so quantities are limited.


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