Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 watt Simul State Bass Amplifier Head

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Product Description

The 600W Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 Bass Amp Head combines the best of musical old-world tube technology with modern high-power portability. This handmade Mesa Boogie beauty sports soulful-sounding Simul-State tube driven MOSFET power. This is Mesa Boogie’s proprietary hybrid technology that uses vacuum tubes from the Input jack right up to and including the driver for the custom MOSFETs. And this dynamic team produces stunning musical power in the M-Pulse bass amplifier.

An all-new tube pre-amp feeds the Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 bass amp’s rotary tone controls starting with active bass and treble and including a warm passive Mid—this is your foundation. From there, craft your own seductive world of bass using the 5-band parametric EQ to roam for tone unbridled between 30 Hz and 12kHz. The all-new onboard compressor with threshold and ratio controls manipulates the dynamics.

The proprietary Mesa Boogie Solo function acts as a second master volume for a footswitchable boost when it’s spotlight time. Or use Solo as compensation for extreme EQ or compressor settings.

Mesa Boogie M-Pulse amplifiers offer a tonefully balanced Direct Out with a 3-pin XLR with selectable Pre/Post options for choosing between the huge warmth of your stage sound or the stripped focus of your bass when interfacing to live or recording consoles. Slave Output and Level controls link to other power amps, including another Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 for coliseum venues or to provide a post-signal output to drive outboard processing.
Handbuilt in Petaluma, California
600 Watts @ 4 Ohms (320 @ 8), Simul-State Power / 8 Tube Driven Power MOSFET’s,
Active/passive input switch
4-stage vacuum tube preamplifier with gain, active bass and treble, passive mid and footswitchable 5-band semi parametric EQ that provides 15db of cut or boost from 30Hz to 12KHz
Footswitchable compressor with independent threshold and ratio controls
Main output level control
Solo level control
Footswitchable parallel FX loop with mix control
Balanced line out with pre/post switch
Bass tuner output with Footswitchable
Two Speakon and two 1/4″ speaker output jacks
Slave out with level control
Fan cooled

Condition: Amp is in great working condition with some normal cosmetic wear, see photos.

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