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The newly arrived Alvarez 8 string guitars are here at SIXXGUN. That’s right I SAID 8 STRINGS. You need to hear this acoustic to behold it’s awesome sound.  Inspired by the success of the ABT60 Baritone guitar, the ABT60CE-8BK 8-string baritone acoustic again opens the doors of inspiration for players looking to expand the possibilities of their sound with a truly unique instrument.  Tuned from B to B with octave strings adding an incredible chime and sparkle to the 3rd and 4thstrings, the ABT60CE-8BK is truly a joy to explore.  Delivered in a stunning black finish with a cutaway to allow for optimum mobility across the fretboard, the ABT60CE-8BK also features a fantastic electronics system, the LR Baggs StagePro EQ and Element Pick Up. With other great features like a real bone nut and saddle, premium tonewoods and a beautifully crafted attenuated finish all further the quality of construction and positively impact the performance of the instrument. If you are ready to expand your Acoustic sound, then you need to get this New Alvarez 8 string into your hands. We’ve got it here at SIXXGUN, Let us get it to you….
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