Gibson Les Paul Junior 1954 ,Early original “53 spec”


Gibson Les Paul Junior 1954 ,Early original “53 spec”


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Please welcome an early all original 1954 Gibson LP junior to the Crown family of instruments.You are looking at a 1 owner Early example of Gibson craftmanship.This guitar was aquired out of the collection of it’s original owner, he’s still alive and well ,and much older than the guitar.He reluctantly let go of this beauty which he stated he purchased in early 54.Its original case is actually the case that came out with all the 53 goldtops,unlike all the 54 chipboard cases. For this reason and his early 1954 buy date he belived it to be a 53. Most likely this guitar was made in 53 but put in line, finished and released in 54. What a player! Features a super rare Maple body (also making it very early}.The original p90 is warm and powerful and really has that vintage tone that only a junior can deliver. Fretboard and frets are in great shape,showing only mild wear on 1st 3 frets.Action and overall playability are absolutely wonderful. This is as much a player as it is a rare and sought after collectable piece.Burst finish,tuners,bridge ,case and all parts are original and working as they should.This appears to be one of ,if not the most rare Junior we’ve ever had in. For those of you serious collectors this guitar will be featured at the Dallas Guitar show coming up (unless it sells prior) so it may be seen and played in person there.We have all the provenance and documentation that will go with the guitar including previous owner info and the Famous guitar player who recorded with this very instrument.Please ask question and thank you for choosing Crown Instrument Holdings

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