Gibson SG III 1972

Gibson SG III 1972


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Welcome our newest addition to the Crown instrument holdings family.This is one even Angus could get down with.A 1972 nearly all original SGIII with no repairs and all original finish.This guitar has a 1&1/2 neck width at the nut and the action and playability are outstanding.It literally is just so easy to play.Low action ,no buzzing and super comfortable.The neck volute is super cool and the whole guitar just feels really great in your hands.All controls and mini slider switches work perfectly and are unique to this model.A very rare piece indeed! Wether your collecting or gonna rock out live on this baby your gonna be satisfied.All parts are original except for the pickups which were swapped out for a set of new Margasa Vintage moderns. They are very warm and full of tone and literally can go from clean to agressive with a turn of the volume.Super responsive with tone of headroom,these pickups are the perfect combo when paired through a Marshall but clean up nicely when you run this axe through your favorite Fender.Overall this is a very clean,collectible player and will be a massive addition to any players arsenal of vintage guitars.Don’t miss this opportunity to score a truly rare vintage Gibson that plays like a dream.Will ship in a later model SG style case. Thanks for choosing Crown and be sure to visit us the next time you visit Las Vegas,
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