Margasa, The Lady Deadlock, Purple Haze, Boutique Guitar Amp Head, Hand Wired

Margasa, The Lady Deadlock, Purple Haze, Boutique Guitar Amp Head, Hand Wired


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Freshly listed is a piece of SGM’s in-house studio arsenal: this late 2012 Margasa Lady Deadlock amp head. This is one of the first LD amp heads made by Daniel Margasa in his Maine custom shop with a serial number of just 0008. 

The Lady Deadlock is a Class A Powered, Point to Point, hand-wired all tube amplifier. The flagship of the Margasa Amp line, this head produces extremely sparkling clean sounds throughout the tonal spectrum. It has the natural ability to reproduce the tones generated by your choice of effects pedal with amazing accuracy; and its tone sensitivity transfers your musical creativity clearly from the fretboard to the speakers with remarkable quality and grit.

Produced by one set of hands from start to finish, using only the best components, the Margasa Lady Deadlock features:

  • Solid silver, Teflon coated wire
  • Military grade audio pots
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Custom-build Mercury magnetics tranformers
  • and high quality 6L6 tubes.

In our SGM studios, we were given the pleasure of having this exact Lady Deadlock Amp Head played by some of music’s great players including:

  • George Politis (Jimmy Buffett)
  • Masa Takahashi (Gary Moore)
  • Members of Guns N Roses and Whitesnake

Margasa Amplifiers are currently owned and played by well known musicians from across the globe. Noteable players include: David Wallace of the Jake Owen Band; Marino de Silva, producer for the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Carlos Santana; and Cody McCarver, a Platinum selling artist known for his work with Confederate Railroad

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