NuX Tape Core Deluxe Stompbox Pedal

NuX Tape Core Deluxe Stompbox Pedal


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Recent addition from a customer trade in is a NuX Tape Core Deluxe Stompbox Pedal. Features a contemporary stomp box that offers classic Tape Echo tone. Just like the original Tape Echo, the NUX Tape Core features 3 reproduction heads yielding 7 different combinations of delay sounds. All of the natural sound, decay, modulation was created with our cutting-edge NUX TS/AC Technology! Tape Core is professional, convenient, and designed to echo your vision!

Tape mode will add more vintage sounds into your classic sound or you can keep your original sound with the Digital delay mode. Whether classic or modern, Analog mode built with bucketbrigade (BBD) device makes your sound warmer and more impressive. If using the stereo output, you can adjust your delay Ping Pong to create a stereo ambient or you can create a pan from left to right side in Pan mode. Make your repeats tastier with Mod delay or create different ambiance with Reverse mode.

Get your NuX Tape Core Deluxe Stompbox Pedal from Sixx Gun Music now!

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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