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Sale on ALL AMPS Saturday, May 14th 2022

We are having a sale of 10-15% off ALL AMPLIFIERS Storewide!!! Don’t miss out on big savings this Saturday!!!

(In-Store Only, Smaller amps can be shipped)

Upcoming Events

Open Mic NightCome join us for a night of fun and live music! Family Friendly, Snacks, Drinks and Backline provided.
Guitar Finishing Techniques WorkshopLearn how to custom finish your guitar in our Guitar Finishing Techniques Workshop. In this workshop you will learn how to prep, sand, stain, and clear coat your guitar. You can use different finishes such as: Tongue/Danish Oil, Polyurethane, or Staining of your choice & more! Available as an upgrade for the BYOGuitar Workshop OR on your project guitar! RSVP is required. $279
BYOGuitar WorkshopCome to our BYOGuitar Workshop! Come join Luthier Daniel Margasa and build your style of choice guitar in a 1 Day workshop. We provide the materials and instruction; you leave with a fully functional custom guitar you built to play and show off to your friends and family. Not only do you build your own guitar, but you learn the ins and outs of final fit, finish and setup of your guitar. Tons of upgradable options available such as paint, pickups, and custom parts. Your basic meals and snacks are provided (Breakfast and Lunch). Build in a relaxed setting with personal instruction by Daniel Margasa who has experience and well known for building custom guitars for over 14 years.
Open Mic NightCome join us for a night of fun and live music! Family Friendly, Snacks, Drinks and Backline provided.
Deluxe Setup WorkshopRSVP Required.
Come join us for a fun filled day while learning how to work on your favorite guitar! Bring in your personal guitar of your choice and Daniel will walk you through-in detail- how to setup, intonate, adjust nut/neck/bridge, fret work, set the action with different techniques that will make your guitar play at its best!

New Arrivals

Rental Program

Daily Rentals on acoustics, electric and bass guitars starting at $19 a day. Amplifier rentals start at $59 daily.

Long Term Rentals – Need a rental for more than 2 weeks? No problem we discount long term rentals up to 20%* Off. (Limited Selection).

We Offer:

✓  The highest quality instruments– so you can learn quickly and easily.

✓ Professional repair and cleaning in house.

✓ Complete selection of instruments and accessories.

✓ Comprehensive maintenance loss and repair insurance available for low cost.