BYOGuitar Workshop

🎸✨ Embark on a sonic journey like never before with Sixx Gun Music’s Build Your Own Guitar Workshop! Unleash your inner luthier as you dive into the art of crafting the perfect instrument. From selecting the body to fine-tuning every note, this workshop is your backstage pass to a customized masterpiece. Channel your creativity, discover the secrets of guitar craftsmanship, and leave with a uniquely crafted extension of your musical soul. Join us for an experience that goes beyond playing – it’s about crafting the soundtrack of your own story. Enroll now and let the symphony of your creation begin! 🛠️🎶 #BYOGuitar #CraftYourSound #SixxGunMusicWorkshop

🎸✨ Immerse yourself in the symphony of creation at Sixx Gun Music’s Build Your Own Guitar Workshop! 🛠️ From body to strings, all necessary parts are included in the stock builds, with endless upgradable options like custom pickups. Each build arrives unfinished, offering a blank canvas for your artistic touch. Enjoy a relaxed setting, fueled by personal instruction from Daniel Margasa, renowned for crafting custom guitars for over 14 years.

But that’s not all – savor the creative process with basic meals and snacks provided, ensuring your focus stays on the art of guitar building. Seize this exceptional opportunity! Contact us ASAP to book your spot as space is limited. Reach Alicia at SGM: 📞 702-530-2447 or book online today! 🎶✨ RSVP Required. Craft your sound, craft your story! #BYOGuitar #GuitarCraftingExperience #SixxGunMusicWorkshop

Please Note: All styles are standard stock. ST Style will be 3 single coil, TL stlye will be 2 single coil,etc. Any specific styles for example HSS Strat, TL with Humbucker in bridge, etc. will be additional than price shown above.