Boss Dual Foot Switch FS-6

Boss Dual Foot Switch FS-6



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Attention all music aficionados! Sixx Gun Music is now offering the Boss Dual Footswitch FS-6! This bad boy combines both latch and momentary-type switching into one. Single. Device. Are you not entertained?!? Well listen to this- On top of all that, both switches can be selected for either momentary or latch switching and can be connected to OTHER switches, such as the FS-5L, the FS-5U, the FS-6 and the AB-2, as well as an incredible variety of keyboards, rhythm machines, guitar amps and more! All around, you’re essentially getting TWO pedals for the price of ONE…in ONE device that can connect with almost anything!! Just plug in any jack cable and rock on! (NOTE: this footswitch requires a 1/4th inch stereo TRS cable or a dual 1/4th inch TS, both not included.) Don’t miss out! Visit us today at Sixx Gun Music and treat yourself to this legendary footswitch! It’s a sound sensation guaranteed to rock the nation!

Weight 6 lbs


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