Jackson X Series DK3XR HSS Dinky 2022 – 2023 – Neon Pink


Jackson X Series DK3XR HSS Dinky 2022 – 2023 – Neon Pink

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If you’re in the market for a six-string that screams attitude and versatility, look no further than the Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS, available exclusively at Sixx Gun Music. With its jaw-dropping glam-rock aesthetics, shred-ready feel, and tone that’s hotter than a stage pyrotechnics show, this axe is a true tone chaser’s dream.

Crafted for speed demons and riff lords alike, the Dinky DK3XR boasts a lightning-fast maple neck crowned with a compound-radius laurel fingerboard. This means you get the best of both worlds: a comfortable 12-inch radius for smooth chord work down low, and a flat 16-inch radius up top for blistering solos and epic bends without fretting out.

But let’s talk tone. The HSS pickup configuration is a game-changer, offering a smorgasbord of sonic possibilities. From the chiming clarity of the neck and middle single-coils to the gut-punching roar of the bridge humbucker, this guitar has you covered for everything from bluesy licks to face-melting metal riffs.

And for those who like to make their six-string scream, the Floyd Rose Special tremolo is the icing on the cake. Dive bombs, fluttering whammy bar antics, you name it — this double-locking trem can take it all in stride while keeping your tuning rock-solid.

But here’s the real kicker: when you buy the Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS from Sixx Gun Music, you’ll get the Sixx Gun Music Treatment. That means your guitar will undergo a complete setup, ensuring it’s ready to play straight out of the case. And speaking of cases, your new axe will come with a used hard shell case, keeping it safe and sound wherever your music takes you.

Whether you’re shredding up and down the fretboard or laying down some heavy-duty riffage, the Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS is the ultimate weapon of choice, now available for purchase at Sixx Gun Music. With its killer looks, killer tone, and killer playability, it’s time to unleash your inner guitar hero with Sixx Gun Music’s hottest offering yet.

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 6 in


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