Margasa Drum Practice Manual with Free Drum Sticks

Margasa Drum Practice Manual with Free Drum Sticks


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The purpose of this manual is to help you be more organized and get the greatest possible results from your practice time. In this manual you will learn the 12 intense rules if practice along with several important technical notes and exercises that will easily help take you to the next playing level. This manual is also the perfect companion and addition to all your other practice routines and books as these technique can be added to what you already know and are doing.

“What makes a great practice? What is it that allows someone to improve very rapidly while someone else may take two, three or even four times as long? I believe that there are two very important factors that can account for the rapid or slow improvement of a musician. 

The first is natural ability and the second is organization.” Beating The Rhythm of Practice by Daniel Margasa, Rock Godz Hall of Fame inductee, is the perfect tool to take you to your highest level of playing. 

When you purchase the manual a free set of drumsticks will be accompanied to start you off on your road to excellence. 

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