Margasa Versaverb 2020, Handmade Reverb

Margasa Versaverb 2020, Handmade Reverb



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The mothership of reverb pedals has arrived!!! The Margasa “VERSAVERB” Reverb pedal is one of the most lush and deep reverbs youll ever hear. Completely hand wired using only the best wire and components you’ll swear your hearing a tube driven pedal. The digital signal reverb tank is so lifelike and produces everything from a mild swells to a deep cavernous ocean of swelling sustain. You can actually push this pedal to some crazy overtones that you wont believe, it’s pretty much 70’s Pink Floyd in a box. The custom aluminum enclosure is also all hand painted by Daniel Margasa here at the Vegas shop.Each pedals finish is one of a kind and signed on the inside chassis. 

Weight 4 lbs


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