Rocktron Midi Xchange Foot Controller, Black

Rocktron Midi Xchange Foot Controller, Black


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For an inexpensive and easy MIDI control of your rig, get the Rocktron Midi Xchange Foot Controller at Sixx Gun Music! It controls Rocktron products as well as other MIDI switchable products. Its 2 expression ports allow you to plug in Rocktron HEX expression/volume controllers. The ports have a smart function that recognizes the current status of both controller pedal ports upon the recall program change command being sent out. It has a power switch; Up, Down, and Recall controls; and an LED display that shows you the preset or controller assignment selection. Runs on a 9-volt battery, as well as external AC adapter or phantom power through select Rocktron processors and amplifiers. For more great deals, visit our site or come by our store in Las Vegas, NV. Thank you for choosing Sixx Gun Music!

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 in


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