SGM Luthier’s Fret Kit 2021

SGM Luthier’s Fret Kit 2021



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Newest addition to Sixx Gun Music’s Luthier Tools is the Luthier’s Fret Kit. This luthier fret kit has been created to give you the tools you need to maintain the frets on your guitar, bass or other stringed instrument. It includes a Fret Crowning Luthier File, Fret Sanding Leveler Beam, a Fret Rocker, 2 String Spreaders (for ease of access to your fretboard), 2 Fretboard Guards, and 4 Replacement sanding papers. Guitar Fretboard Guard Protectors are for protecting your guitar or bass fretboard from scratching or damaging while filing and polishing. The Guitar Fret Crowning Luthier File is made of stainless steel, for crowning after leveling. These tools make it very efficient and time saving for dressing any problem frets or just bringing them back to life. These quality tools are the great to have and easy to use. Can be used for all stringed instruments. Great gift for guitarists who maintain their guitars. Can’t go wrong with this kit and just in time for the gift giving season! They are going fast so be sure to grab yours now before we run out of stock!
We also have a Deluxe Fret Kit for the next step up!
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