SGM Ukulele slotted 4 String BONE Nut & Saddle, Luthier Supply

SGM Ukulele slotted 4 String BONE Nut & Saddle, Luthier Supply



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Ready for your ukulele repair or parts upgrade is an SGM 4 string replacement slotted bone nut and unslotted bridge saddle. Do not settle for plastic, a bone nut and or saddle is a simple and inexpensive way to greatly improve the tone and sustain of your instrument. If your nut is worn out we highly suggest replacing with bone. We only use bone or brass on our own custom builds. This nut is pre slotted and presized for ukulele, check our measurement requirements. Our nut is approximately 35mm long,  6mm high and 5mm thick and saddle is approximately 53mm long, 7mm high and 3mm thick. Ready to install, shaping, shaving and filing to be done according to your personal needs and string height preference. Whether you’re a ukulele maker or replacing your old worn out nut and saddle, bone is an excellent choice for the best tone. We suggest a proper lubricant for the slots to keep strings from binding. See our listings for other SGM parts and luthier supply.
Nuts may vary ever so slightly in color due to being made from natural bone. Nut: 35mm x 6mm x 5mm Saddle: 53mm x 7mm x 3mm

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