Valkenburg USA DH Knackered Bronco – White w/ 70s Stripes

Valkenburg USA DH Knackered Bronco – White w/ 70s Stripes



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Introducing The Valkenburg DH

Crown Instrument Holdings proudly presents The Valkenburg DH Knackered in a rare, one-off 70’s-style bronco-themed finish. Discover the excellence of Valkenburg.

Unveiling The Bronco

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and playability of “The Bronco,” a standout piece at Crown.

The Unique Features

Explore the remarkable features of this guitar, including its Alder body, killer rosewood on Maple Neck, and hand-wound Valkenburg single-coils.

Valkenburg’s Commitment

Join Crown in offering Valkenburg guitars to the world and become part of musical history.

Crown Instrument Holdings is thrilled to present to you The Valkenburg USA DH in a rare, one-off 70’s-style bronco-themed finish. If you’re new to the Valkenburg brand, we invite you to discover one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. For over two decades, Master luthier Daniel Margasa has been crafting and servicing guitars for some of the biggest names in music. Recently, there has been a growing demand from the public for Daniel, based in Nevada, to make his creations available to a wider audience. Moreover, major artists have also joined forces with Daniel to bring his latest offerings to life.

This guitar is undeniably one of the coolest pieces in our collection at Crown. Valkenburg USA has truly outdone themselves with this one. The look, feel, and playability are all exceptional, surpassing the competition. We’ve affectionately named this beauty “The Bronco.” It boasts an Alder body in a knackered finish; moreover, a killer 9.5″ radius rosewood on Maple Neck with an oval C shape, Gotoh vintage staggered tuners, and a Gotoh vintage 6-point trem with vintage-style saddles. Custom features include 3 hand-wound Valkenburg single-coils in the mid, neck, and bridge positions, paired with Bourns pots, Sprague capacitor, and a Pure Tone input jack. The aesthetics and tone of this guitar are truly outstanding – expect to turn heads and receive compliments with this gem. With its vintage vibe, monster sound, and super smooth neck, you’ll want to experience it for yourself. This particular piece was crafted as a one-off; thus, it’s uncertain if we’ll see any more like it, making this guitar a genuine work of playable art.

Valkenburg USA takes pride in its expanding roster of touring pros, and we, here at Crown, are thrilled to be among the first dealers to offer the Valkenburg line. Play a Valkenburg USA and let’s make history together. For more information on this line of exceptional handmade instruments, please visit or reach out to us via email with any questions.

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Dimensions 46 × 18 × 6 in


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