Ibanez GE 9 Graphic EQ, 1982 MIJ

Ibanez GE 9 Graphic EQ, 1982 MIJ



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Recently added to Sixx Gun Music’s pedal line is the iconic 1982 Ibanez GE 9 Graphic EQ – Made in Japan. This vintage guitar pedal, highly sought-after and revered, has etched its place in musical history for its exceptional sound quality and unmatched versatility. Musicians worldwide have relied on the GE 9 to sculpt their tones with precision, offering unparalleled control over frequencies and shaping capabilities.

Crafted with care and maintained to perfection, this unit stands the test of time, ensuring reliable performance both on stage and in the studio. Its timeless appeal and reputation for consistently delivering outstanding audio enhancements make it a prized possession for guitarists and collectors alike, regardless of skill level.

From boosting specific frequencies to refining your sound to perfection, the GE 9 Graphic EQ is the ultimate tool for unlocking endless sonic possibilities. With only one unit available, priced competitively to sell, seize the opportunity to own a genuine piece of musical history before it’s gone!

At Sixx Gun Music, we’re dedicated to curating a diverse inventory of new, used, vintage, and custom pieces to cater to every musician’s needs and preferences. Keep an eye on our ever-expanding collection as we continue to add exciting additions. Thank you for choosing Sixx Gun Music—where passion meets performance.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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