Margasa Holy Grail Fretboard Cleaner + Conditioner

Margasa Holy Grail Fretboard Cleaner + Conditioner



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Back by popular demand is our famous Margasa Holy Grail! We came up with the holy grail of fretboard conditioner made from our own blend all natural elements. Our customers love was how silky the neck feels to play afterward. Oil, dirt and sweat from your fingers will naturally build up on your guitar and make it sticky and hard to play. This takes care of that and not just for fretboards but the entire neck.

Whether you’re a luthier or player, keep a bottle of this liquid gold around. We guarantee it will get plenty of use. Can be used on most unfinished or finished wooden instruments including bass, mandolin, banjo, and all other wood instruments.

Will come in 4oz bottle and include a small cleaning cloth. We also have the Margasa Holy Grail Polish and Cleaner and different sizes! Check out our other listings for more great deals!

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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